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As a Call Centre Trainer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing training programs tailored to the specific needs of our BPO sector. You’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring our employees possess the necessary skills, industry knowledge, and expertise to excel in delivering exceptional services to clients.


  1. Training Program Development:

   – Design, develop, and update training materials, modules, and resources aligned with BPO industry standards, client requirements, and organizational goals.

   – Create engaging training sessions, both classroom-based and online, covering product knowledge, soft skills, customer service techniques, and call handling procedures.

2. Onboarding and New Hire Training:

   – Conduct orientation sessions for new call centre employees, introducing them to company policies, procedures, and systems.

   – Deliver training sessions to new hires on call centre tools, software, customer service techniques and communication etiquette

3. Ongoing Training and Coaching:

   – Provide ongoing coaching and feedback to call centre agents to improve their performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

   – Develop refresher courses or advanced training programs to enhance the skills of existing team members.

4. Performance Evaluation and Reporting:

   – Assess the effectiveness of training programs through performance metrics, feedback, and evaluation of individual and team performance.

   – Prepare reports and recommendations based on training outcomes to management for continuous improvement.

5. Collaboration and Communication:

      – Collaborate with BPO managers, client representatives, and operational teams to identify training needs and refine strategies accordingly.

   – Communicate effectively with stakeholders to ensure training programs align with BPO sector requirements and client expectations.


– Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Communication, or a related field (Masters degree preferred)

– Proven experience of two years in a call centre environment, with a focus on training and development.

– In-depth understanding of BPO operations, client-specific processes, customer service principles, and training methodologies

– Strong understanding of call centre operations, customer service principles, and training methodologies.

– Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

– Proficiency in using training tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and other training software.

– Ability to adapt training approaches to different learning styles and levels of experience.

– Certification in Training & Development or related field is a plus.

– Must have knowledge about Attrition, Shrinkage, KPI, and KRA.


– Passion for teaching and mentoring.

– Analytical mindset with a focus on continuous improvement.

– Ability to motivate and inspire individuals and teams.

– Flexibility and adaptability to a dynamic work environment.

– Organizational skills with attention to detail.


– Competitive salary and benefits package.

– Opportunities for professional growth and development.

– Positive and collaborative work culture.

– Contribution to shaping a high-performing call centre team.

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